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Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room helps children discover the JOY of learning.

We teach children to read in a way that is more effective and better prepares them for learning in all subjects. The foundation of our instruction is based on the speech therapy experience of our founder, Tammy Myers. We use kinesthetic, visual, and auditory modes of learning in a fun environment that has a positive effect on learning and memory.

The amazing success of Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room in Racine has led to the addition of Mrs. Myers’ Education Services. This division brings our proven methods directly to children in their schools. We have three levels of education services, the first two are scalable to fit the needs that teachers and school leaders have identified for their students.

Our turn-key Resource Room brings the full spectrum of in school help to students who are beginning, struggling learners, or just need a boost to reach their full potential. Our Journeyman option brings the proven “Bookworms” and “Novel” programs to schools during the day or after hours. The “Journeyman” teachers on our team are master educators who travel from school to school.

Our School License option trains your existing school staff to understand and use the MMES philosophy, lesson plans, materials, procedures, and record-keeping with the students in their classrooms. Our experience with the Wisconsin Special Needs Scholarship Program and Choice Vouchers means that we understand how to navigate the state bureaucracy. Through these, and through various grants, we can help enable your private school to implement our innovative programs.

Through Xaris and The Playroom, our team of Mrs. Myers’ therapists brings Pediatric Speech Therapy and Pediatric Occupational Therapy directly to your school. Under our medical model, it’s much easier to qualify students to receive service. We can help make this affordable because we work with over 60 health insurance companies

Every child can be a better reader, even if your child is reluctant to read we can help. Motivating children to have a desire to read – by understanding their unique interests – is what we do well. Plus, our programs are proven to get better results.