This was the meeting that was anticipated by the folks on Hwy V.  We heard from a number of people who were all very eloquent during the public comment part of the meeting.  You simply should hear them.  However, it took an attorney to explain what the board was up to.

So, with citizen input in their heads, the board went into closed session.  All this means is they went into a room all by themselves but with an attorney.  When they came out of the room, they decided but it took the attorney explained it. The audience went silent except for Mike Devine who stood up and wanted to know when did the Board authorize the amendment to the agreement between Mt Pleasant and Caledonia.  There were a number of Trustees who appeared confused.  This included the President.  You have to listen to understand how this all evolved.  But ultimately the audience knew little more than what they knew before they came to the meeting outside of the Board’s decision to allow staff to decide costs and arrive at some formula for a special assessment.