April 11, 2016

Mt Pleasant Village Board.  To view Board agenda click HERE

Summary of Recording.  To listen to recording merely click on the play button.

Start of meeting

Consent Agenda – Motion made to table Minutes of March 21, 2016, March 23, 2016 and March 28, 2016.  (See comment by Trustee Gary Feest below in Reports concerning this)
Public Comment
Greg Mrass – garbage pickup
Kelly Gallaher – Claims of being bullied by Clerk and others during the election.
Mike Devine – Lack of meeting info in lobby which should be created by the Clerk prior to each Board Meeting.

New Business

Updating Plumbing Permit Fees $60 Motion passed

Borrowing for 2016 Road Resurfacing – Hwy V Water Utility installation & Capital items – Motion Passed

(2nd half of item 5b was not on the agenda) Refinancing current debt $5million Bonds. $469k less interest. Motion made and Passed even though there was no reference in the agenda to refinancing.

Donation to Police Dept policing house by First Weber Realty. Internet access / computer lab / $2000 laptop donation. 4 laptops purchased for cop house. Kids can use with Racine Unified. Job Searches.

Closed session – Police Contract

Return to Open Session.  Police get raise.

Closed session – Personnel Matter

Return to Open Session.  Retirement of Village engineer, Bill Sasse


President – Recognition of Anna Marie Clausen and Rick McCluskey

Trustees – Gary Feest noted refinancing was not on the agenda.  Therefore needs to be addressed again in properly noted agenda at next board meeting.  Also, Gary Feest noted his intent to “Take to Table” at the next Board Meeting concerning the tabling of minutes listed above or else the minutes could be lost forever and never published.  It would then appear like those meetings never occurred.

Standing Meeting Reports

Stephanie Kohlhagen, Village Clerk replies to allegations of wrong doing by Kelly Gallaher during Public Comment.