This recorded meeting was a long one.  It has a little bit for everyone.  But if you were to listen to it all you would be there a bit over 3 hours.  Therefore, we will detail timings for the different agenda items so you can listen to what you are interested in.

First, here is the link to the Agenda for this meeting.

Regular type is agenda items while bold are notable items within those agenda items or for emphasis.
Note the agenda items were moved around to accommodate the public input process.

Here are the times for this meeting:  (Hours:Minutes)

0:00 Pledge of Allegiance
0:01 Public Comment and Input
0:21 Consent Agenda
(SC Johnson Donation Recognition moved to future meeting)
0:27 Change to Section 40, (3) of the Personnel Manual-Severance Benefits
0:33 2016 Squad Car Purchase–MPPD
0:38 Purchase of a 2016 Plow Truck
0:41 Resolution 37- 2015 to withdraw from the State of Wisconsin, Local Government Property Insurance Fund (LGPIF) and select a new property insurance carrier
0:46 2016-2018 3 – Year HVAC Maintenance Contract | United Mechanical Inc
0:52 Resolution No. 36-2015, to fund a portion of a comprehensive joint study with the Villages of Caledonia and Sturtevant concerning the formation of a new school district.
0:54 (Discussion between Trustee John Hewitt and Gary Feest about Adhock Committee)
1:10 Rezone Petition RZ-06-15–located at SE Corner of Spring Street & STH 31–to amend 16 parcels (6.23+/-acres) of the Village of Mount Pleasant and Racine County Comprehensive Land Use Plan: 2035 designation of “Residential” to “Commercial”; and rezone 12 parcels (3.97 +/-acres) from B- (Neighborhood Business) and R-60 (Residential Single Family) to B-3 (General Business) | Willkomm Applicant
1:26 (Point of order by Trustee Dave Degroot vs President Garski.)
1:28 (Public Comment by Public)
2:18 (Trustee Comments)
2:38 (President Garski Comments)
2:50 (Vote on Rezone – passed 6 to 1)
0:22 Nielsen Certified Survey Map request located at 3038 Pritchard Drive
0:24 Badtke Certified Survey Map request located along Creek View Lane
2:53 To convene into closed session per WI §19.85(1)(c) considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility, specifically; Implementation of Command Staff Wage Study
2:55 Reports from President, Trustees, Staff (Request from Gary Feest to change political ordinance during Public Comment)
03:03 Adjournment