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Mt Pleasant Village Board Meeting for February 27, 2017 at 6:30pm

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Public Comment:
Chuck Haakma finally was allowed to speak regardless of his running for office, which in the
past, had been prevented from speaking at public comment time.Jerry Garski stated that per
the Village attorney everyone will be allowed to speak tonight.  Review the audio for Haakma’s
New Business:
A)  A motion (resolution 3-2017) was presented in support of State legislation to prevent further
shifting of the tax base onto home owners and small businesses.  It was voted on and
the board voted unanimously for it.
B)  A motion was created for Wasniewski Conditional use permit located at 5132 County
Road H for a barn. The vote was in favor unanimously.
C)  Gleason Conditional use permit located at 1349 23rd St. The motion was made to agree to
this permit. The board voted in favor unanimously.
D)  A motion for a Certified Survey Map located at International Drive for Land & Lakes at
Mount Pleasant Business Park was voted on in the affirmative unanimously.
E)  Evergreen Academy School seeks a Conditional Use permit located at 3351 Chicory Rd.
The board voted in favor unanimously.
F)  Staff brought forward a request for a 2017 Combination Sewer Truck Purchase for the
Sewer Utility.  The motion was made for this purchase and was voted in favor unanimously.
G)  The Mt Pleasant Police Department sought a purchase of a number of 2017 squad
cars. Jon Hansen spoke in concern of the cost of depreciation when replacing the vehicles on a 3 year
rotation.  A lengthy discussion was had between Police Chief Zarzecki and various
Trustees.  Please review the discussion on the recording.
The vote failed 5 to 2.  A new motion was made by David Degroot for 4 Charger vehicles and 1 Tahoe
The motion passed 6 yes and one no.  Jon Hansen voted against.
H)  There were a number of new License approvals. Listen to the recording for the list and
their approval/disapproval.
1) President:  Welcomed residences who used to live in Sturtevant and who now
live in Mount Pleasant.  Mt Pleasant has increased $100 Million in evaluation.
2) Trustees:  David Degroot expressed concern over the 2016 audit.
3)  Finance Director Report: None
4)  Standard Committee Reports: Please review the recording.
5)  Administrator/Staff: Police officer Jim Kelly gave an overview of an
idea of creating an Internet Purchase Exchange Location.  This would be a location
where people could safely meet to transact a sale of merchandise such as from Craigslist,
for example.
Here is Officer Jim Kelly holding an “example” sign which would be placed
at proposed sites where video surveillance would record the transaction.  This will soon be
proposed at a Village Board meeting for approval.
Fire Chief Stedman provided information on the MABAS cooperative fire box system regarding a local fire.
Please review further items in the recording.
The Board meeting adjourned at 8:40pm