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A quick summary for the recorded Mount Pleasant Board Meeting of May 9 2016.

Public Comment:
A number of residents complained about the new garbage and recycle containers which recently were distributed. It was pointed out by many residents that they had no notice of the change prior to these new garbage cans being delivered to them.  Kelly Gallaher spoke against Mt. Pleasant using closed sessions in board meetings except when justified by the Village Attorney that going into closed session would be in Village residents best interest.

New Business:

• Annual Report of the Racine County Health Department.
• Appointments/Re-Appointments to Village Committees.
• Rezone Petition at the southern terminus of Cozy Acre Road.
• Motions to reconsider & table motions concerning Green Haze Road improvements.
• Items E and F were tabled because there was no Village Attorney present.


President: suggested to contact the garbage company for smaller containers. Call the Village
for the phone number.
Trustees: John Hewitt says a Doctors letter will provide evidence of need for help with garbage
cans. The Garbage company will make exceptions for those who have documented medical help
Standing Committee Reports: None
Administrator/Staff: Clean up of the cop house. Many other various announcements.

Adjournment of meeting