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I always start the description of this the same way.  Boring as heck.  But this is different.  (wait for it)

This is the Sept 22, 2014 recording of the Village of Mt. Pleasant Board of Trustees.

But this one is the one you should listen to.  In so many ways it is so informative.  The journalist genes in me want to share why but I can’t.  You simply must hear this meeting all the way to the end.  Well, I’m hoping you do.

On the plus side, Brian Dey provided Mt. Pleasant folks (approximately 80 people were in attendance) on information concerning the idea of Mt. Pleasant leaving the Racine Unified School District.  On the minus side an ordinance was changed which took away the option for citizens to provide input to the process during agenda items.  While Public Comment at the top of the meeting is still there, there is no interactive aspect to it (as it has been.)  That’s all I am going to share, hoping now you will take the time to become informed.

Enjoy the recording.

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