This is a recording of the Village Board meeting for May 22, 2017 at 6:30pm

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Clock times are provided so you may locate specific items of interest in the recording.

Public Comment: 00:01:30

Mr. Gayle Ives spoke about the Village budget.


New Business:

  1. 00:04:11 Presentation of the Village Campus Park conceptual plan. No action was taken.
  2. 00:17:00 Motion to purchase new voting machines with Racine County was made. No discussion. The motion passed unanimously.
  3. 00:19:21 Motion to authorize moving of funds for Civic Affairs Committee use and for copier lease through Information Technology. The vote passed unanimously.
  4. 00:24:10 A motion to provide a Settlement at Hoods Creek Addition #1 Final Subdivision Plat, Owner: Badtke Holdings, LLC. Motion passed unanimously.
  5. 00:26:50 A motion to approve a certified survey map for Land and Lakes Mount Pleasant Business Park. The motion passed unanimously.
  6. 00:32:00 Approval of New Licenses and Renewal of Licenses.
  7. 00:37:25 Discussion and possible action – appointment to Trustee seat #5. John Schneider was nominated by President David DeGroot. Gary Feest would rather keep the board at 6 Trustees. The vote was tied 3 to 3. Jon Hansen nominated Dr. John Martini for Seat #5. The vote was tied 3 to 3. In both votes, the motions both died. The Trustee Seat #5 was not filled. David DeGroot then nominated Joe Meier. Again, the vote died with a tie vote of 3 to 3. David DeGroot then nominated Bud Eastman. Again, the vote died with a tie vote. David DeGroot then nominated Anna Marie Clausen for Trustee. The vote died with a 3 to 3 tie vote.
  8. 01:04:54 Appointments to Committees and Commissions.
  9. 01:08:45 Agenda item: “Village Administrator and HR Director hiring process discussion and possible action.” Trustee Gary Feest took David DeGroot to task whether he had the authority to stop the process the Village Board had already authorized to hire both a Village Administrator and HR Director. David DeGroot had stopped the process even after the whole board had voted to go forward with the hiring of both an Administration and HR Director. A discussion occurred by the board. No action was taken.


Reports: 01:28:15


Adjournment: 01:47:00 at 8:17pm

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