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Congratulations are in order for 24 Racine Unified freshmen for being recently named History Award Winners by both the district and the Racine Heritage Museum.

This award program has been going strong for 28 years, according to the district and recognizes freshman students for high achievement and for demonstrating genuine interest in high school history.

Students were presented with a certificate of achievement during a special reception on May 12 at the museum. Each award recipient also took home a copy of That’s Not in My American History Book by Thomas Ayers. Alex Framsted – a Horlick senior who received this award as a freshman – was the keynote speaker.

Here is the full list of History Award Winners:

Park High School

  • Deshawn Bryce
  • Jacob Gabrielian
  • Simeon Higgins
  • Sam Robertson
  • Tajone Campbell Stewart
  • Evelyn Salazar
  • Kaylee Kannenberg

Case High School

  • Alyson Ziegenhagen
  • Alex Shaw
  • Anneliese Tomlinson
  • Mitchell Mertens
  • Stephen Hull
  • Nick Venne
  • Jocelin Reynoso

REAL School

  • Jacob Johnson

Walden III

  • Michael Christenson
  • Tiana Sidoi

Horlick High School

  • Claveese Williams
  • Rachel Weisenbeck
  • Talitha Gudal
  • Patrick Miller
  • Sofia Nikolic
  • Gretchen Koepsel