MILWAUKEE, WI — On Aug. 26, pup owners celebrate that most sacred of all pet holidays: National Dog Day. In honor of this hallowed holiday, we invited Patch readers to send pics of their dogs for a chance to be featured in an article.

Readers sent us a blizzard of photos. We managed to narrow it down to the 28 best ones for you for Wisconsin Patch.

There are some lovely photos, and a few amazing stories. Enjoy!

Lisa Wepking

This is Mac, our English Bulldog/Beagle mix. He is a great flopper. Loves to be cuddles and to roll over for belly rubs.

Jill Niesen

This is Bodi. He loves doggie daycare and playing with all his fur friends.

Audrey Rose Charlier

This is Hémâ, which means “hippo” in Chinese! She is a Shar-Pei and a just turned one in July! Every time we take her around Waukesha people are always complimenting her big face and patterned tongue!

Carol Drury

This is Pepper, the cutest pup ever! He is 10 weeks old-a mix of Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler).

Cynthia Olson

This is our newest pack member River. She’s as sweet as a button and loves life. Happy National Doggie Day!!

Estela Diiorio

This my grand fur baby, Carl…he lives in Wauwatosa, and grandma lives in south Florida…I cannot wait to meet him in a few months, he loves to show off as we get to interact with him on FaceTime, he is a sweet and gentle giant.

Lisa Southern

This is Henry. He is a 13-week-old rescued English Cream Golden Retriever from WAAGR (Wisconsin Adopt A Golden Retriever). His favorite trick is walking my other dogs on a leash. He holds their leash in his mouth and guides them around.

Lisa Southern

This is Arnold. He is a rescued 3-1/2 year old Hound/Pyrenees mix. Arnold loves boating!

Tamara Johnson

This is Jasper, we rescued him on St. Patty’s Day and he is just the sweetest pup ever. He has become my shadow and just loves all people and animals he comes across. He loves a good walk and has recently acquired a bit of a stubborn streak which has him laying down when he sees another dog (his way of saying he wants to say “Hi”). We love him to pieces.

Emily Ender

This is Penzey (yes, like the spice company!) My 3.5 year old mutt! I adopted her 2 months ago and she’s been the best companion/snuggle buddy! The best talent she has? A warm, happy, loving welcoming every time I come home!

Kylie Smithback

His name is Fenway! My husband has been his whole life a huge Red Sox fan. He is 7 months old and loves to go swimming! He has such cool eyes!

Denise Eckl

This is Piper and she is an Anatolian Shepard Dog. They come from Turkey and their special skill is guarding sheep.

Renee Vandlik

Meet Tony! He is our faithful companion, trusted to greet us at the door, always clutching in his mouth a prized gift to share! That might be a dirty sock, tennis ball, shoe or bone. He can be counted on to wag his tail; he never fails!

Barb Hirshman

This is Peaches. She always liked to sit outside, and when a plane flew over she watched it till it was gone. Now Peaches is above the airplanes in dog heaven. She died almost 3 years ago in November . I miss her so much.

Savannah Walczak

This is Pongo, he is a 3 month old Airedale Terrier. He is working on mastering many tricks like rolling over and playing dead! His favorite part of the day is going for a nightly walk!

Brent Hoen

Bella gloating on the couch.

Bill Forrestall

Luke is an 8 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever. He is still very much a puppy who loves to play fetch, swim and travels everywhere with us!

Angie Kolehmainen

Our 3 1/2 year old Brooke. She’s our second St. Bernard. She loves to cuddle, give kisses, go for rides, play in the water and take care of all of her babies (stuffed animals). She’s smelling the flowers in our yard in the picture. She knows many commands, the regulars but all ‘give kisses’, ‘day goodbye’, among others.

Renee Talley

Spartacus: Friendly, loves to play in water, great dog, will sit still for pics.

Monica Zanon

This is Dixie. She is a rescue from Kentucky. When we adopted her she had a tumor in her mouth and had to have part of her bottom jaw removed. She has torn her ACL and had surgery for that. She may need another surgery for the same knee. I call her my $10,000 baby. She is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her.

Heidi Kastern

This is Alex aka Spike who loves to watch the Packers.

Jennifer Giller

This is our wire-haired Dachshund Albert who we adopted from a humane society. He loves to chase rabbits and receive attention. Can’t imagine our house without him!

Jeff Burdick

My dog, Jadzia Dax, a 14-year-old black lab, had many names, Dax, Daxie, Daxie girl, Hey You, Hey what are you doing, OMG get out of there, come here, Go away, For the love of God please stop, You stink! and you’re Fluffy! Are just a few but Daxie is simple.

She crossed over the Rainbow bridge today because she lost the battle with the cancer lumps and bumps that just ravaged her body.

Making friends was her only nature. Most of her friends were hers and I had no idea who they were. She would sit by the fence line and wait for the kids to walk to and from school, year after year, and say hi, only barking at the people that wouldn’t stop and say hello. However when on duty, she was ever vigilant, waking at the slightest bump in the night ready to bark.

However, I gave her a pass, as her hearing and eyesight wasn’t like it used to be these last few years. Years from now I know she will be waiting for me by the gate. New friends made, old friends met, and a ball and a stick (for good measure) at the ready. Waiting to play that next game of fetch.

Tracy N. Chase

Betsy is a six year old rescue mutt…she is the happiest, friendliest little pile of crazy haired love.

Sylvia Leslie

This is Pluto. He is 9 years old and the biggest softie around. He grew up with six cats so took awhile to realize he’s a dog. Loves shelling walnuts and eating the nuts.

Mary Sue Larsen

This is one of my rescue dogs Perry. He was heart worm positive and has frostbite on his ears when he was rescued by TLC (The Lab Connection). We fostered him throughout his entire painful heart worm treatment and nurses him back to health. Once we got back the negative heart worm test he became an official member of our family. He is an awesome dog!

Alyssa Johnson

Grout is a small Munsterlander with tons of personality, loves to swim, retrieve and bring you anything she finds including snakes.

Susan Janusz

My name is Garçon and I am 8 weeks old. I specialize in melting hearts, they call me the French Lover Boy! I also hate Mondays.

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