The Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau has published a Fall/Winter FUN 101 COVID-19 Edition: 101 Things to See & Do in the Kenosha Area. All price ranges are included – including many FREE items. The list is about seasonal activities, recreation opportunities, landmarks, and attractions, as well as supporting locally-owned shops and restaurants. It features in-person activities, new places, to-go dining options, online shopping, virtual experiences, the great outdoors, and non-monetary ways to support local businesses. Even with 101 items on the list, it’s still only a sampling of the many unique experiences that bring visitors to our community and give local residents a wonderful quality of life. The list is currently only published online; it can be found at

Since 2010, the Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau has produced the popular FUN 101 list: 101 Things to See & Do for $10 & Under (Many are FREE!) in the Kenosha Area. The list started in June 2010 as a one-time sample story for media to show how much there is to experience here – at a very affordable price. In 2012, the list started being produced twice a year online and in brochure format – for the fall/winter and spring/summer months.