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New Playground COP House Mount Pleasant
Photo credit: Village of Mount Pleasant

This spring, green space, a playground with a variety of equipment, covered seating and plenty of laughter will fill a current brown space in the Lakeside neighborhood in Mount Pleasant.

The village’s Parks & Rec advisory committee last week approved the construction in the 2200 block of Mead Street – across from the first Mount Pleasant Community Oriented Policing house – made possible with a $275,000 grant from SC Johnson, a story in The Journal Times reads.

Once it’s complete, the park will be named after Richard Polzin, former Racine police Chief and board member of Racine Community Outpost, the non-profit organization that owns the COP houses in the City of Racine and the one in Mount Pleasant. The organization is also purchasing the three lots needed for the new park, the story continues.

The park is designed for younger children, up to age 12 or 13.

MPPD Office Nicole Schiro is the village’s first COP officer, and her office will soon be located in the COP house, which is also made possible because SCJ is underwriting the costs. She told the newspaper she sees too many children playing in the alleys and streets with whatever they can find, and the playground will be a welcome addition.

“They have nowhere to go to,” Schiro is quoted as saying. “If you’re familiar with that area it’s all concrete. There’s nothing that’s open, there’s no green space. This will open it up a bit.”

Construction is expected to begin as soon as weather permits and complete later this spring.

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