Sturtevant board members will talk Tuesday about the status of land they’re eyeing for future development on Highway 11 that is believed to be in foreclosure.

Cobble Court was originally planned as a mixed use, walkable community development with commercial and retail buildings fronting Durand Avenue and townhomes and single family homes rounding out the neighborhood. A handful of buildings with condo units were constructed before the 2008 recession set in, and several units were sold and are occupied.

The commercial and retail plans, however, never materialized, and the land fell into foreclosure.

Trustees are looking at organizing new development districts after their current district closes next year. Specifically, there are two primary areas of interest; along Highway H moving south about a half-mile from Durand Avenue because infrastructure for sewer and water already exists as well as north along West Road; and on Highway 11 between Willow Road and Highway H including Wisconsin Avenue and Charles Street.

There was talk earlier this year about SC Johnson’s possible interest in the same land in the form of a potential $70 million bottling facility, but company leaders haven’t released any confirmations or denials about plans there. The company did announce a few weeks ago that it is investing up to $80 million expanding and improving its Howe Street campus.

Committees will also take up the village’s cost-sharing for the 2016 South Shore Fire Department budget, funding the Sturtevant portion of the independent school district study, and upcoming plans for improvements at North and South parks.

The continual committee meeting begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Village Hall, 2801 89th Street. Call (262) 886-7200.