Bombardier plans to invest almost $1 million in a new training facility inside its Sturtevant headquarters, which is estimated to generate new jobs and welcome a fairly steady stream of 500 visitors to the area who could increase spending in the area by almost $500,000.

BRP officials went before the Sturtevant Community Development Authority and the Village Board Tuesday to ask for $125,000 in tax incentives to help them build the 4,500 square foot training center. The request was unanimously approved by both government bodies, and village staffers were directed to begin drafting the necessary agreements to finalize the deal.

The Sturtevant building will serve as the primary training facility for the company’s operations in both North and South America. Creating the center will mean 11 new jobs; nine of which will come from Wausau where BRP is closing its training facility.

Laura Million from Racine County Economic Development Corporation estimates the 500 or so trainees who will spend time in the area will increase local spending to around $500,000.

In addition to the training center, BRP plans to build an energy re-capturing system that will use the heat generated by testing equipment and recycle it for other uses.

Construction on both projects is expected to complete later this year.