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Pending approvals from Mount Pleasant committees, O&H Bakery will take up residence in the former Towne Ford location at 5910 Washington Avenue.

The old car dealership will be transformed into a bakery production facility, corporate offices, and a store out front, according to plans obtained by Racine County Eye, and confirmed by a press release from the company.

“The planned expansion is a result of continued growth in mail order and retail sales of Kringle and other Danish pastries and baked goods.  This bakery will allow for continued growth of mail order and retail sales from within a new baking facility, increased office space, and a flagship retail store,” the release reads.

O&H spokesperson Peter Olesen said the new bakery should be open in spring 2015.

Since the kringle was officially named the state pastry last year, sales of the iconic pastry have risen, and O&H needs the new production space to keep up with demand.

“The new store will highlight the popularity of Danish Kringle, offering a unique experience where visitors will be introduced to the history of Kringle and the artisan trade of Danish baking which dates back to the early 20th century in Racine County,” the release continues.

The parcel was purchased several weeks ago by Tivoli Gardens, property transfer records show, and O&H will lease the space.

Representatives from Tivoli will meet with the village board and the Community Development Authority on Tuesday to hammer out details of a developer’s agreement.

That agreement is expected to include financial incentives from the village that are separate from anything the company might receive from the county. The state is providing up to $59,000 in tax credits for the 25 new jobs O&H is expected to create with the move, Mark Maley, spokesperson for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, confirmed.

Mount Pleasant is expected to approve a tax reinvestment program (TRIP) that returns a portion of village tax to O&H over a specific number of years. An agreement of this kind with the village does not impact taxes levied by the school district, the county or the state.

TRIP is a tool to provide incentives for companies not in tax incremental financing districts.

O&H is also applying for community block grants to help fund the renovation that is expected to take the building down to the studs. First, though, the five-acre parcel has to be designated a blighted property.

Logan Martin, community development coordinator, agreed the development is a good fit for both parties and for the greater Racine area.

“This a great adaptive reuse project for an existing, vacant blighted space,” he said. “The new bakery will be located on the village’s main street, and from tourism prospective this is a flagship bakery and destination point for visitors to learn more about our state pastry.”

Individuals from O&H will be present at the Planning Commission meeting Wednesday for a site plan request. The Village Board is not required to weigh in on this development because the site is already approved for commercial/industrial use.

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  1. Tivoli Gardens, registered agent: ERIC A OLESEN 1841 DOUGLAS AVENUE RACINE , WI 53404


    1841 Douglas Ave. = O&H Danish Bakery, property owned by HYGEE LLC, whose property tax bill is sent to
    1515 Rapids Drive.

    It’s a Corporate shell game to limit liability; it’s legal; and they all do it. You have to in today’s world. It also gives a business tax advantages. You guys seemed a little confused, so I present this to educate.

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