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RACINE, WI — Kringle, a Danish-made flaky, oval-shaped pastry with fruit or nut filling, has been the Wisconsin state pastry since 2013. Racine has been named the “Kringle Capital” of the world for even longer.This year, O&H Danish Bakery — headquartered in the Racine area — is rolling out a new Kringle for the 2019 holiday season.

Santa’s Secret Christmas Kringle starts with a “secret” red velvet cake recipe, which is then layered with vanilla pudding. The Kringle is topped with frosting and garnished with sprinkles.

“We wanted to create a Kringle that embodied the spirit, joy, and tradition of Santa for families around the world,” said Eric Olesen, third-generation co-owner of O&H, in a news release. “Our hope is that our holiday lineup will make you want to celebrate the season with family and friends over delicious treats.”

Santa’s Secret Christmas Kringle is now available at any of the bakery’s five locations and for
online ordering throughout the country. Bakery officials say O&H makes up to 7,000 Kringle a day during the holiday rush. O&H Kringle has been shipped to more than 100 countries and has made landfall in all seven continents. They can be purchased online.

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