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For the first time ever, during the public comment phase of the Village Board meeting, President Jerry Garski provided his comment concerning the large number of phone calls he received over an article in the Racine Journal Times authored by Village Board Trustee Dave Degroot.

Specifically Trustee Degroot wrote: “So let’s re-elect Clausen and McCluskey Feb. 16 and April 5, and flush the Highway V-gang and their crappy attitudes down the shiny new sewer heading their way.”

Really?  What a terrible and telling way of showing what he feels about the citizens of Highway V he represents.  Did he really believe he was making points by crafting his opinion this way?  Sooner or later he will need to come to grips about this outburst.  It certainly didn’t do anything to foster good will nor provide any leadership direction over the Highway V issue.  No citizen or group of citizens should be dealt this kind of response by their elected officials.

Degroot had multiple opportunities to apologize at the meeting but did not do so.  Click on the play button to hear Jerry Garski’s apology.

Dave DeGroot is up for re-election next year.

This Opinion/editorial written by Rees Roberts