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When a new President is voted in, he has the right and obligation to appoint anybody he wants to the Village Committees.  The only problem is, in this meeting, it was clear the old guard was not interested in them.

This is the recording of that whole process.  It’s quite interesting.  It begins with acting President (Sony Havn) reading off the committees which President Garski had made appointments to.  (Jerry Garski, was not in attendance due to his mother passing away the day before this meeting.)  You would think they would give Jerry some give and take under these conditions but as you will see, they did not.

As it turns out many of Garski’s appointments were actually the same as before.  But, the Gleason leftovers just would not approve the list.  Acting President Sony Havn pointed out that maybe they could approve just the Committee appointments that were the same as the old ones.  They liked that idea and voted to approve them.  Then out of nowhere the Village attorney asked to be heard.  He provided the Village Board his interpretation of how the Village Board should proceed (at 04:15 into this recording).

(At 06:38 into this recording) What Appointments were still outstanding were then one-at-a-time taken up by individual motions.  Each motion was denied a “second” by Roberts Rules of Order.   The motion then dies.  Even a motion, made by Gary Feest, to induct John Hanson (a 23 year retired veteran Racine County Sheriff) to the Police and Fire Commission failed to receive a “second”.  What?

Is this the same game that Congress is playing?  We don’t like Obama (Garski) so any appointments he wants we won’t approve?  I certainly hope the “other” trustees begin to take their job seriously and listen to the new President who was voted into the Presidency by the citizens of Mt. Pleasant.  Otherwise, the claim made by these leftover Gleason Trustees that “the Village wasn’t run very well in the past” will certainly be understood by the citizens that any committee appointments not filled will be on Gleason’s leftover side of the ledger.

This opinion is by Rees Roberts who has been recording almost every Village Board meeting for the last two years.  It’s quite clear after you have seen it for yourself.  This recording is just less than 9 minutes long.