In his swan song speech, President Gleason, soon to be ex-President Gleason, told his board that “the real leaders here are going to be the ones which are on sitting board…. don’t let it slip backwards… do the right thing, stand your ground.”

For once, Mr. Gleason got it right. The citizens did pick a new President. He no doubt will let citizens have their say during agenda items at meetings. From any measure, letting citizens communicate their thoughts during a meeting is surely not a slip backwards. Mr. Garski will not be a leader cloaked in secrecy. If this election has shown us anything, it has shown that anyone can dictate what to do by bullying their way around. It takes a true leader to be transparent.

I hope the rest of the Village Board of Trustees considers Mr. Garski’s lead and not merely rubber stamp their votes like they did when Mr. Gleason was in power. Doing it my way or the highway is not the way to long term success. It may have achieved some short term achievements but in the long term, the citizens need to be involved in today’s society. I hope we all can work together once again. There is simply too much at stake to do otherwise.


Rees Roberts