The following occurred during the Village of Mt. Pleasant Board Meeting of April 13, 2015.

One of the agenda items was to give Logan Martin a new position of Director of Community Development. To do this the Board went into closed session to discuss this. What came out of this closed session was not merely a motion to give Mr. Martin that new position (which was voted on and approved) but also in addition, a motion to provide every Department Head at Mt. Pleasant a Golden Parachute of 6 months salary if the person was let go without cause. The timing of this was too coincidental. This was the very last meeting for President Gleason before the newly elected President Garski takes office.

It is my opinion this was placed into effect to hamper any changes that newly elected President Garski would want to invoke. To make it very difficult if not impossible to make any changes to Department Heads based on the newly elected political landscape Jerry Garski brought with him which the voters voted for.

It will be interesting to see what happens now.