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**Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Sturtevant Trustee Chris Larsen.

In spring 2015, RUSD Board President Hargrove attended a Sturtevant Village board meeting and expressed support for the idea of better representation for the outlying municipalities. He recognized that a sizable portion of the tax base was not represented by the at large races, which are dominated by the City of Racine. Once the legislature decided to have better representation for all of the RUSD communities, I was hopeful that the Board would do the right thing and follow the mandate of the law to allow for proper representation.

Upon viewing the new District map as approved Tuesday night, I am appalled that the spirit of change was dismissed for nepotism and status quo. The RUSD board completely ignored the mandate of the law in favor of a continued Racine dominated election. The law states that the new election districts should be along municipal boundaries whenever it is possible. What the board has given us is seven districts that include the City of Racine, and two that are contained outside of the city limits. How facetious are these districts? My Village of Sturtevant has no common boundary with the City of Racine. In fact we are two miles from the city limits. So why, would Sturtevant be part of a district that includes parts of the city of Racine? I knew that the Village would not have a district of its own, however based on population, a Sturtevant/Mt Pleasant voting district would make sense.

Stretching Sturtevant’s district into the city is part of the overall gerrymandering of this map. I am disappointed that the Board focused more on keeping their own seats, and making the districts as such rather than following the letter of the law and allowing for the first time complete representation from the entire area. Instead, they went for the status quo, further alienating the constituents that are considering secession. I would recommend that the outlying municipalities formally renounce the approved map and register formal complaints with the Board.

Chris Larsen
Trustee, Village of Sturtevant