This is amazing.  Current Trustees get to talk all they want about political issues during “Reports” but have put a gag on all political candidates (other than themselves) when it comes to political comments at the Village Board Meeting.  Listen to Dave Degroot stick up for the Fire Chief but denies any common sense when it comes to response times in a number of areas of the Village.  Village trustee candidates are not allowed to talk about important issues merely because they are running for office.  Sounds pretty one sided to me.

Mr. Degroot sites “facts” why Fire Station #7 was closed but denies further common sense that the area once served by Station #7 is now better served by a station located on Old Green Bay Road.  I personally do not care what data the Fire Chief comes up if it doesn’t pass the common sense smell test.  It simply will take much longer to get to the East side of Mt. Pleasant from Station #8 on Old Green Bay Rd than it would have from the old location by Lake Michigan (Station #7).  That’s just common sense.

Also, I personally live in the Indian Hills subdivision and everyone in this subdivision and surrounding area is being served(?) by the shared Fire Station in Franksville/Caledonia.  We certainly can not be reached within 4 minutes, which should be the standard our Fire Departments should be using.

Cut it out Dave, stop putting our citizens at risk.  Ken Otwaska makes a heck of a lot of common sense regarding his comments about Fire and Rescue response times.  Let us put him on the board and put some common sense back in place.

Rees Roberts