The Board Meeting agenda item just prior to adjournment is typically reserved for “Reports” from the President, Trustees, Standing Committee Reports and finally the Administrator/Staff.

Here we go again:

When it became the Trustees turn, Suny Havn wished to be heard. The recording above is that “report” from Suny Havn.

Trustee Havn was a bit miffed. He detailed his own actions on a relatively new Facebook page called “Mt. P. Spotlight” to make a point that he was taken aback from comments of other Mt. Pleasant Citizens concerning what those citizens thought was his spying on a meeting of Hwy V citizens.

To better understand this interaction, I suggest you read it for yourself by going to the following link:

Or just listen to the audio recording above.

What the post communicates is how difficult it has been for those residing on Hwy V to get a meaningful dialog with Mt. Pleasant, to resolve their “unprecedented assessment” problem. Further, it details what a number of citizens apparently saw. Namely, a Trustee allegedly trying to listen in on the citizen meeting while in the mens room of Castlewood restaurant in Sturtevant.  Really?  WOW!

I personally do not know what occurred. But what I do understand is when there is an appearance of impropriety; Trustee Havn should have left the premises immediately. I personally do not know if he had ill will intentions or not. But I believe Trustee Havn should have known he should not have stayed there one more minute. Trustee Havn should have seen quite a few Hwy V citizens which should have given him the reasons he needed to leave. And from the attendance of Hwy V citizens at Mt Pleasant Board meetings recently, Trustee Havn should have recognized many.  Just like it is improper for a Trustee to meet, even accidentally, to create a non-noticed meeting quorum.  In that case, it is illegal.  In this case, it just was just a real good case of the appearance of impropriety.

If his intentions were to have dinner with his girlfriend, then fine but the last I knew, Castlewood closes its grill around 9pm and he arrived there fairly close to closing time.

What we have here is yet another Mt Pleasant public relations fiasco. In this writer’s opinion, NONE of the problems Mt. Pleasant can be corrected until everyone has a good relationship with the Trustees. This goes whether you are a citizen, business operator or a developer. Mt. Pleasant Trustees and staff have a rich history of just plain not getting along with people.  Remember the Dairy Queen fiasco?

Of course Trustee Havn could say it is “sick” to deal with nameless people. And to a point he would be right. But what needs attention is the reason why people are reacting this way. The sooner we all come together, and actually deal with these problems in a TOTALLY OPEN way, the sooner Mt. Pleasant will move on to being a PLEASANT place to live, work and play.