Because of the advent of technology, shopping has become a breeze for many consumers. Although convenient, this practice also increases a consumer’s risk of being a victim of package theft.

Package theft happens when “porch pirates” take your packages minutes after a delivery truck drops them off. As a result, you’ll be paying for a product that has never reached your hands.

Here are some tips in preventing package theft:

1. Schedule The Delivery

When your not at home to receive your package, it will likely be left outdoors and can attract “porch pirates.” These individuals will lurk around your neighborhood, and snatch your package before you get home. To prevent this, take the time to call the delivery services, and set up a schedule with them. If possible, instruct the delivery services to deliver the package when you’re present. If you can’t make this arrangement, let them know that you’re going to pick up the item from their warehouse instead.

2. Require A Signature For The Delivery

Call the delivery services and require a signature for delivery. Let the delivery services know that you’re the only person authorized to receive the package, and no other person should sign on your behalf. This might, however, require extra payment depending on your location and the delivery service available in your area.

3. Add Special Delivery Instructions

Before finishing an order online, look for extra delivery options. Let the delivery services know that your package should be placed on the side door of the house, and never on the front porch. This is a simple trick to keep your packages hidden from porch pirates.

4. Ask A Trusted Neighbor To Receive The Package For You

If you’re not around during the delivery, you can ask a trusted neighbor to receive the package for you. Ask for their permission if you can have your packages shipped to their home. This tip can work if you have neighbors who stay home all the time.
Of course, don’t forget to show them a token of your appreciation. You can give a batch of freshly-baked cookies or invite them for dinner at your house.

5. Have Your Package Delivered To Your Workplace

If you have a full-time job and often leave your home, have your package delivered to your workplace instead. Aside from being one of the safest options to avoid being a victim of package pilferage, having your package delivered at your office can be very convenient. Most delivery services will operate during the daytime, so you’ll likely be at work when they hand out your package. Just make sure that office security knows you’re expecting a package.

6. Install Security Cameras

No one would risk getting caught on a camera just to steal a package from someone else’s front porch. A single package isn’t worth the consequence. If you’re looking for a foolproof way to deter porch pirates while increasing the value of your home, invest in security cameras and place them in different areas of your home. Make sure that these are visible to all passersby. You want to let the public know that you have eyes on your home, even if you’re not around.

Avoid Package Theft

If you want your online shopping experience to be memorable for all the right reasons, make sure that you’re safe from package theft. Use this article as your guide and don’t forget to ask for tips from your friends and family, too. You wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned money in a package that will only be used by a stranger.