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Green Bay Packers sweatshirt

There are still 7,500 tickets available for the Green Bay Packers game Sunday when they take on the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field for the first round of the NFC play-offs.

Thing is … those 7,500 tickets have to be sold in order for fans to watch the game on network TV.

If the game doesn’t sell out – something that hasn’t happened since 1959 – the game will be blacked out on network television, according to a story in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

NFL rules state a team has to report a sell-out 72 hours before kick-off, which means the Green-and-Gold have until 3:40 p.m. Thursday to get the last ticket sold. Ticket prices range from $102 to $125, the story reads.

On Twitter, the Packers’ official account was urging fans to attend the game, tweeting, “Keep Lambeau Loud, Get your #Packers playoff tickets: #EveryVoiceCounts.”

The link sends visitors to Ticketmaster.

JS reporter Don Walker writes that Coach Mike McCarthy isn’t worried.

“We have great fans. These are the games our fans live for, so I really have no concern about it at all. I have confidence that whatever needs to be done will be done,” he is quoted as saying.

If the game is blacked out, fans will only be able to see it on the NFL Network on cable.