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GreenBayPackersSweatshirtThe Green Bay Packers will face the Chicago Bears at 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

WTMJ AM 620 will be announcing the game on the radio and WTMJ Channel 4 will broadcast the game on television.

Here are a few Packer-related stories we found interesting on the web today.

Meet the Green Bay Packers cheerleader who is a Chicago Bears fan | Shutdown Corner

5 things to watch: Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

Rodgers Looks Ready

So you’ve got your Sunday best on and are ready to go. But where will you go to watch the game? Here’s a list of Racine-area sports bars, according to Yelp!

Or if you are looking to get your pizza on, here’s a list of top-rated pizza places in the Racine-area.

But wait… once you’ve got that settled, send us a photo of you decked out in your game gear. We’re wondering if Racine County Eye land has a few Bears fans or a lot of Bears fans living amongst us. Post your photo below in the comments section.


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