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Parts of Racine County loosen up COVID-19 restrictions

RACINE COUNTY – With the number of COVID-19 cases in Racine County starting to drop, officials with the Central Racine County Health Department are loosening the reins on COVID-19 restrictions. Individuals are encouraged to wear face coverings. And most retail businesses may continue to operate at 50 percent capacity to prevent the spread of the […]


Wisconsin’s No. 1 mink farming industry now seen as a COVID-19 risk

By Kate Golden For Wisconsin Watch The first sign of trouble was that the mink stopped eating, said Hugh Hildebrandt, one of two main mink vets in Wisconsin. Next came coughing and sneezing, lethargy and labored breathing. Hildebrandt had worked with mink for 30 years. He wrote the Merck Veterinary Manual section on mink. But […]

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As COVID-19 spreads, so do conspiracy theories. A Wisconsin professor teaches ways to confront them.

Ajay Sethi, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and director of its Master of Public Health program, studies the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV and measles. He also studies the spread of public health conspiracies, which can quickly unravel the progress achieved by researchers. This story also appeared in Conspiracies in […]

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Favorite Halloween Candies

Trick or Treating is taking place in municipalities across Racine and Kenosha County. While children may enjoy going from door to door, the real fun is waiting to see which treats make it into their bags. FiveThirtyEight, a Walt Disney owned company, rounded up results of favorite Halloween treats. The website, also known as 538, […]

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Undocumented immigrants qualify for rent relief, but Wisconsin sends mixed signals

By Vanessa Swales, Wisconsin Watch Some regional nonprofits administering Gov. Tony Evers’ $322 million emergency rental assistance program may be unintentionally discouraging non-U.S. citizens from applying — even though immigration status holds no bearing on eligibility for the federally financed program. At least eight of the 14 organizations administering the Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) program […]

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Flouting stay-at-home order and social distancing, anti-lockdown protesters descend on Wisconsin Capitol

An estimated 1,500 protesters, most of them not wearing face masks and many carrying American flags, gathered at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Friday demanding an end to the wide-ranging shutdown of normal life and business in Wisconsin aimed at curbing the coronavirus pandemic. This story also appeared in A parade of vehicles clogged […]

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Afghan Family Resettles In Racine; More Families Expected; Volunteers Play Big Role

RACINE – One Afghan family has resettled in Racine this month and as many as four more families are expected within the next few weeks. Afghan Family Reunited Last Wednesday, the five-member family was reunited when a 22-year-old woman and her nearly 2-year-old son arrived from a New Jersey military base. They joined the woman’s […]

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Kenosha Unified School District moves to all-virtual instruction

UPDATE: This story has been updated as of 2:45 p.m. Wednesday to include comments from KUSD teachers, parents and board members. KENOSHA ⏤ The Kenosha Unified School District will switch to all-virtual learning beginning Nov. 30. The KUSD School Board voted 5-1 to approve the measure off a motion from board member Mary Modder. Board […]


Coronavirus Exposes Caregiver Shortage, Upending Lives of Wisconsin’s Disabled Residents

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Stacy Ellingen of Oshkosh lost two of the three caregivers she depends on to dress, shower, eat and use the bathroom. The helpers — all University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh students — returned to their parents’ homes when the university canceled in-person classes. Ellingen, 34, had little choice but to do the […]

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Wisconsin’s pandemic past offers clues to its coronavirus future

By Jim MalewitzWisconsin Watch This story also appeared in Roy Cummings, a movie house owner in Oshkosh, knew he would lose big bucks — some $400 to $500 a week — if the northeast Wisconsin city shut down his business and other public gathering places. But he believed it was a wise call. C.G. […]

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Stick up for truth: How to fact-check friends and family on social media

Information comes so fast on social media that it’s hard to know what to believe. This story also appeared in Even professionals get confused. Lewis Friedland, a journalism professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has the expertise, but can’t keep up with the overwhelming torrent of articles, memes and cat pics — let alone […]

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