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Opinion: We Energies neighbors continue to suffer from exposure to coal dust

On March 4, a thick layer of coal dust blanketed Oak Creek homes, cars, and a neighborhood playground. On April 10 a letter went out from Thomas Metcalfe, Executive Vice President for We Energies, identifying “long-term strategies” to deal with the problem, including “Planting more trees for screening” and “Constructing a wind barrier either partially or fully […]

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Quick Cable building sold to new leasing company

Just over $16 million in property changed hands between Jan. 2 and Jan. 5, including a manufacturing company and several commercial buildings on North Memorial Drive and Main Street, according to the Racine County property transfer records. The number of transactions has also remained high this time of year with 67 properties changing hands. Here […]

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Property Transfers: American Transmission Company buys land for $2.42 million

American Transmission Company LLC, which is owned partly by We Energies, has completed the sale for We Energies subgenerating station for $2.42 million. Almost $16 million in property changed hands between May 21 through May 25, according to Racine County property transfer records. The transfers do not include sales for the ATC substation on Highway […]

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We Energies neighbors continue lodging complaints, utility officials promise change

Still fed up with the lack of attention to their concerns, more neighbors around the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant lodged complaints against the utility. At a public listening session held Wednesday at the Oak Creek Public Library, neighbors voiced concerns about train noise, dust, health issues and the impact on their property values. […]