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Some We Energies Customers Without Power

About 100 We Energies customers in Racine County were without power at 7 a.m. Tuesday, according to We Energies website. The power outages are occurring in Franksville, Caledonia, Racine, Waterford and Burlington. The cause of those outages is under investigation, but a storm passed through southeastern Wisconsin that resulted in wind damage. “We are seeing […]

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Racine County Property Transfers: We Energies Buffer Zone Grows

Over $8 million in property changed hands between Feb. 13 through Feb. 17, according to Racine County property transfer records. Here are the highlights: Further expanding its buffer zone around the Oak Creek Power Plant, We Energies bought 8007 Douglas Ave. from Georgia-based Sucharda Real Estate LLC for $915,000 and 8632 Douglas Avenue from Frank Pranghofer for $402,000. The […]

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Power Restored To Caledonia Residents

UPDATE: At about noon, We Energies notified residents that the power had been restore. ORIGINAL STORY: About 1,000 We Energies customers in Caledonia are without power in the Kremer addition after a tree fell on some power lines. The power outage happened at 10:20 a.m. Wednesday morning, said Amy Jahn, a spokesperson with We Energies. […]

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High Winds Create A Mess For Racine County Residents

Thousands of Racine County residents woke up to not having power, downed trees and a mess Thursday morning after high winds whipped through the area. Over 2,700 We Energies customers in Racine County were without power after a storm ripped through the area Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. Throughout the region, over 17,000 We Energies […]

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We Energies To Reduce Carbon Emissions, No Specifics On Oak Creek

We Energies plans to continue reducing carbon emissions system-wide even though President Donald Trump called for the undoing of several Obama-era climate change regulations. U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order last week saying the policy is hobbling oil drillers and coal miners, a move environmental groups have vowed to take to court. The […]

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Mega coal trains on the horizon?

“Over the course of time, we need to deliver the same amount of coal which may require an additional train in service occasionally to make up for the lesser number of cars arriving on a double train.  Alternatively, the railroad may try to increase the train length to 294 cars to equalize the total number of tons delivered with single or double trains,” Conway said.