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After a few days of intense voting, the intra-district high school football game between the Washington Park Panthers and the J.I. Case Eagles was chosen as FOX 6 News’ Game of the Week.

The score was tied at the half, 7-7, but the Panthers came out strong for the second half, running to an easy victory. The final score was 32-7.

Chalking up the win broke a 16-game losing streak for the Panthers, a story in The Journal Times reads, and much of the credit should go to Justin Steward and Ryan Petersen.

Steward finished the game with 117 yards and 19 carries while Petersen cleared the goal line three times, the story reads.

“This feels amazing,” Petersen told the newspaper after the game. “We’ve had this pressure on our back and being able to finally win just feels amazing.”

Even in a steady rain, Park held on to the ball, never turning it over to Case. The Eagles, on the other hand, lost four of five fumbles.

Winning against Case was important to Steward for a number of reasons.

“It’s a city rivalry; I wanted to win so bad and we got it,” Steward is quoted. “I think we can beat anybody now. The losing streak’s over and we got our confidence back at Park High School.”

We’ll try to find video of the game and post it if we do.