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After losing her grandpa to lung cancer just a few weeks ago and discovering that kids can also get cancer, 6-year-old Mariah Massie asked her mom and dad, Sarah and Darryl, if she could hold a rummage sale to raise money for a children’s hospital and cancer research.

Mariah’s grandpa, Darryl White, died from lung cancer on June 25. He was just 52 years old.

The sale was held the weekend of July 11-12 at their West Racine home, and Mariah has raised $130 so far toward her goal of $1,000.

“She’s been picking up every penny she sees and is very determined,” Sarah said. “She really wants to help fight cancer.”

Mariah is also growing her hair to help create wigs for kids with cancer. She says she needs 10 inches before she can cut it, but with only a couple of more inches to go, Sarah said it shouldn’t be long before Mariah gets her hair cut.

Sarah and Darryl are understandably proud.

“She’s incredible,” Darryl said. “You don’t find many 6-year-olds who want to raise money for cancer research.”

The Massies say they’re going to hold another rummage sale and will announce the dates soon. Until then, or if folks would rather donate toward Mariah’s efforts without buying anything, there is a page set up for Mariah’s quest.

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