Barbara Ann knows what it’s like to be homeless and to be lonely. When she was just 16 and a new mom, she had nowhere to go and only $16 in her pocket, but, she told Racine County Eye, she pulled through and made it.

Now, though, she finds herself struggling again because of a disability that makes it hard for her to get and keep a job. While Barbara has enough money for her rent and utilities, she often finds herself short on cash for food, so she turns to the Hospitality Center.

“I come here for meals but also for friendship, and so do many of the others that I see everyday,” she said. “I’m blessed to have this place.”

Barbara knows that HC Executive Director Rev. Kevin Stewart has to go before the city Planning Commission on July 29 to have the Center’s conditional use permit amended, and she is praying nothing changes.

“Lots of people walk here – I walk here – or take the bus because there are routes down here that go everywhere else. I hope the people who complain about us think about that,”  she explained.

Program Director Jackie Smith Adams agreed.

“It’s not just that the Hospitality Center is important to the people who come here, but where it’s located is important, too,” she said. “Keeping the Center accessible has to be considered.”

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