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Caledonia Seizure Dogs Adoption
Photos of the dogs up for adoption were hung in the windows of the former Central Bark. The Wisconsin Humane Society was hosting the special event for 62 of the dogs seized when Orphaned Kanines was shut down last month. By the end of the eight-hour adoption day, WHS staff and volunteers met with 200 families and 64 of the 70 animals found new furever homes. The two dogs and four cats who have yet to matched will be available at the Milwaukee and Racine campuses, respectively.
The Denkert family from Milwaukee drove down to try and adopt Morris, a puppy seized from Orphaned Kanines in Caledonia. They were 67th in line for one of 62 dogs up for adoption during a special adoption event hosted by the Wisconsin Humane Society at the former Central Bark location at Regency Mall.
As families were matched with their new fur-family members, the photos of adopted dogs were posted on the other side of the door of the former Central Bark near Regency Mall. WHS Spokesperson Angela Speed said she was feeling emotional just an hour after the adoption event began. “I am humbled by the response since day one (of the seizure),” she said. “From volunteering to fostering to donations, the community has really just been amazing.”
Truffles, a young adult Bichon Frise mix, was adopted by a family with young girls. Mark Balwinski and his mom, Sandy, arrived at the adoption event with Truffles in mind, but they took Leslie home. Kelly Taylor of Caledonia was waiting to see who she would take home after she discovered Leslie was going to be adopted. She said she was interested in rescuing one of the Caledonia seizure dogs in part because she can offer a loving and forever home. “Every dog deserves a good home, especially after going through that kind of trauma,” she added.
Families are led back to where dogs have been living since they were rescued from Orphaned Kanines in Caledonia. One little girl took a particular interest in Muttley.
Brief bios of dogs and cats up for adoption were hanging in the windows of the former Central Bark by Regency Mall. 62 of the 64 dogs found furever homes and four of the eight cats are with their furever families.
Wisconsin Humane Society met with every family interested in adopting a dog or cat rescued from Orphaned Kanines last month. Not every family went home with a new furever family member. “Each family met with trained counselors to ensure good matches – they discuss lifestyle, animal experience, training and care costs, among other things,” Speed said.
Annie, a 5-year-old cat rescued from Orphaned Kanines in Caledonia last month, was the first feline adopted during the special adoption day Wednesday at the former Central Bark location at Regency Mall.
Nicole Hood and her daughter, Lara, adopted 8-year-old Val. They recently lost their elderly pug and were interested in bringing home a new family member. “We saw these dogs and knew this was a great opportunity,” Nicole said. Val must have agreed because she didn’t waste any time leading her new family out of the building.