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The Wisconsin Humane Society is using the power of social media to try and reunite any lost or boarded pets from the Caledonia seizure case with their owners.

Using the photo album feature on Facebook, WHS officials posted the photos of 88 of the animals found living in what they describe as deplorable conditions at Orphaned Kanines and a residence in Caledonia and another home in the City of Racine. Only the pigs and three dogs who have already been claimed by their owners are not featured.

Debra Gray, owner of the kennel and at least one of the homes, is facing 85 counts of animal cruelty because of the conditions where animals were kept.

In the text accompanying the photos, the Humane Society is very clear that the album is not for owners who relinquished their animals to Orphaned Kanines. Instead, WHS is using the album for families who have a lost pet or were using the kennel for boarding.

“If you are a former owner of one of these animals, please do not contact us,” the post reads. “If you surrendered or transferred a cat or dog to Orphan Kanines, please be assured that we will be honoring what you originally intended by finding your pet a new loving home.”

For owners who are missing their animals, WHS asks them to follow these steps:

  • Email immediately at
  • Supply photos and documentation of ownership, which may include adoption records, veterinary records, pet license, etc.
  • Deadline to submit documentation is June 13.

While the Humane Society understands neighbors wanting to open their homes to a new forever family member, the goal first is to nurse the animals back to health and then appropriately reunite animals with their families.

“At this time we are concentrating on reuniting lost/boarded animals with their owners,” they write. “We expect that the majority of these animals will soon be available for adoption.”

When the animals are available for adoption, it will on a first come, first served basis “as long as the match is a good fit.” WHS will not place any animals on adoption holds.