The City of Racine Planning Commission Wednesday is expected to approve the conditional use permit for Benjamin Beer Company, the last hurdle to the microbrewery opening its new spot on 6th Street.

The public hearing prior to the vote begins at 4:30 p.m. in Room 205 at City Hall, 730 Washington Avenue.

Company owner Jim Kennedy posted on the Benjamin Beer Facebook page Tuesday about the hearing asking for supporters to come and make their voices heard.

“There will be a public meeting January 27, 2016 at 4:30 PM in City Hall Room 205. The purpose of the meeting is to conduct a public hearing about our request to grant a conditional use for our brewery to operate at 507 6th street in Racine,” the post reads. “If you support local beer coming to downtown Racine join us and let your voice be heard.”

Fans who can’t attend let Kennedy know that they contacted their elected representatives urging them to support the permit.

I emailed my Alderman asking her to support your CUP,” former Alderman Greg Helding wrote. 

Tim Halter posted, “Won’t be able to make it but talked to a couple officials and the Mayor’s secretary … Good luck and think craft beer.”

Originally founded in Paddock Lake, Benjamin Beer grew too large for its location there and will now call Racine home.

Their new address is 507 6th Street, and work is underway to transform the space into a small pub/bar area and microbrewery that will bottle around 1,000 barrels a year. Owner Jim Kennedy told The Journal Times last fall that he has the equipment, financing and most of the state and federal permits he needs to open in April or May.