RACINE – An 18-year-old Racine man is accused of threatening to shoot a woman and holding her daughter in a car with a firearm visible.

Qumaire J. Canady is charged by the Racine County District Attorney with first degree recklessly endangering safety, false imprisonment, pointing a firearm at another, possession of a firearm by a felon and obstructing an officer. Each of the charges carries a repeat offender enhancement.

DA: Canady pointed gun, threatened to shoot

According to the criminal complaint, a woman told Racine Police on July 2 that she located Canady and her daughter in a car in the 2000 block of Jay Eye See Avenue. She confronted Canady and threatened to call his probation agent because he is on supervision for stalking her daughter. During the argument, Canady pointed a gun at her and threatened to “shot them all.”

When the woman and her daughter left in a car, she told police she could hear gunshots and believed that Canady had fired his gun at them. The driver saw Canady in the rearview mirror. The vehicle’s driver later observed fresh damage to the vehicle’s exterior.

The daughter told police that she found Canady waiting by her vehicle when she left work that evening. She stated that he showed her a firearm but did not point it at her. She gave Canady a ride to his grandmother’s home on Jay Eye See Avenue. The young woman told police that while in the vehicle with Canady for about two hours, he was continually playing with the firearm. This made her fearful for her life.

According to the criminal complaint, officers confronted Canady in the backyard of his grandmother’s home. When he tried to run away, the officers tackled him. Once on the ground, Canady kept his arm under his body, preventing officers from handcuffing him.

Loaded gun found

During a search of the backyard, officers found the loaded gun under a couch cushion. A police examination of the vehicle damaged by the gunfire showed two bullet strikes to the tailgate and a bullet strike to the driver’s side door.

Canady remains in the Racine County Jail on Wednesday.

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