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A 21-year-old Caledonia man is facing charges of criminal damage to property-domestic related after he punched a glass door and a hole in a wall at 4:02 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 5 at a residence in the 1600 block of Ellis Avenue.

Jordan Polack, 21, was charged with disorderly conduct – repeater, criminal damage to property – repeater, and disorderly conduct – repeater. If convicted of all charges, Polack faces up to seven years, three months in prison, and fined up to $12,000.

Caledonia police responded to a report of a person standing outside “covered in blood” and screaming.

According to the criminal complaint, Polack told a relative that he wanted to “kill him and others.” The relative told police that Polack was angry that his dad had left them, that they were being told to move from the house, and Polack had nowhere to go.

The relative told police Polack had been drinking and high on methadone, an anti-addictive medication for people addicted to opioids

“He was angry and punched a glass door, and cut himself,” said Lt. Gary Larsen. “There was no physical altercation.”

A few minutes after police arrived, an officer arrested the man. He was then taken to the hospital for treatment for the cuts to his hands and taken to the Racine County Jail.