A couple living in a tent in the 900 block of Village Center Drive in Mount Pleasant were cooking methamphetamine, according to court records.

Mount Pleasant police found Brittany Smith and Chase Bedard living in the tent, and inside discovered drug paraphernalia, batteries and decongestant pills – both of which are used to make methamphetamine. A diary with a recipe for cooking meth was also in the tent, according to the criminal complaint filed Monday in Racine County Circuit Court.

Police went looking for the two after investigating a report on April 26 of a broken window in a different location in the village. Inside that home, police found drug paraphernalia, including tourniquets, syringes, a pot containing a bottle of a white chalky substance, and small baggies of methamphetamine. Some of the substance tested positive for heroin.

Bedard and Smith had been staying at that home, but were kicked out after the homeowners learned about the drug paraphernalia police found. Police stood by on April 27 as they removed items from the home, and noted that drug paraphernalia that had been there the day before was already gone.

The meth recipe found in the diary, according to court records, outlined directions that matched what police found inside the home on April 26. The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigations was called in to determine if the items discovered had been used to manufacture methamphetamine, and in tests found several chemicals used to create the drug. A DCI agent reported that “all the necessary components for a complete working methamphetamine lab were present,” including necessary ingredients and the waste and byproducts of the production.

Bedard, 33, and Smith, 29, both of Florida, are charged with possession of narcotic drugs, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and conspiring to commit the manufacture of methamphetamine. Both are in custody on a $15,000 cash bond, and are due in court May 12 for a preliminary hearing.

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