Police say a pair of cousins are facing over a decade behind bars for dealing drugs out of a relative’s house less than 1,000 feet from a public park.

William Mueller, 22, and Kali Andersen, 18, were charged Thursday in Racine County Circuit Court with one felony count each of marijuana possession with the intent to deliver near a park, maintaining a drug trafficking place near a park, and possession of a controlled substance near a park and one misdemeanor count each of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. If convicted, they each face up to more than 13 years in prison and/or up to $31,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint, officers with the Racine County Metro Drug Unit at 7:35 a.m. Wednesday executed a knock-and-announce search warrant at a residence in the 2800 block of Spring Street for reports of marijuana sales at the house. When police knocked on the door, Mueller let them in and was immediately handcuffed and seated in the kitchen. Andersen was located and also handcuffed. Another person in the home was restrained as well, but police later determined they were not related to the case.

All told, officers recovered just over 1-1/2 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of over $8,000. They found:


  • 724.4 grams (1.59 pounds) of marijuana
  • Hash/butter
  • Packaging materials
  • Other drug paraphernalia
  • A digital scale


Officers say Mueller and Andersen voluntarily uttered statements about marijuana arrests taking law enforcement away from more important matters and that Mueller provides Andersen with pot so she won’t do harder drugs like Xanax. Both defendants waived their right to a lawyer and agreed to speak to officers.

Mueller explained that customers would visit the house – which is owned by a relative – and that he gets the drugs through the mail from a state out west. “It’s easy, and everyone gets their marijuana shipped to them,” he said. The cousins admitted to working as a team, according to the criminal complaint, and that they also sold additional drugs like Xanax though Mueller was trying to wean Andersen off of it.

Officers say they measured how far a nearby park is from the home and determined the distance was just 800 feet.

Both Mueller and Andersen remain in the Racine County Jail on a $10,000 cash bond each. They will be in court June 3 for their preliminary hearings.