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Mount Pleasant police

Mount Pleasant police are reminding residents to lock their vehicles to avoid becoming victims of theft.

On the department’s Facebook page Wednesday, officers say they’ve been taking reports about items stolen out of unlocked cars. They remind people that when possible, they should note the license plate of any cars in the area, the descriptions of both people and vehicles, and the direction possible suspects traveled when leaving the area.

Some of the items stolen include coins, electronic devices, purses, gun, tools, and more.

In a press release, MPPD Sgt. Eric Relich listed the addresses where the thefts have taken place, and the majority of them are concentrated in areas south of Durand Avenue:

1. 6300 B South Dr.
2. 6300 B South Dr.
3. 3049 S Oakes Rd (Wal-Mart)
4. 4000 B Southwood Dr.
5. 4200 B Southwood Dr.
6. 4200 Woodbury La.
7. 4500 B Lathrop Ave.
8. 3800 Foxwood Dr.

Relich said officers are giving certain areas of the village are getting extra attention, but he still urges residents to take precautions by both locking their vehicles and removing valuables from cars.

“Citizens should remove valuable items from their vehicles, or conceal them, lock their car doors, and close their garage doors,” he wrote. “Exterior lighting can also minimize the chances of you becoming a victim.”