A Racine man is charged with misdemeanor theft in a business setting after he was accused of stealing wire from the Chic-Fil-A construction site.

Ryan K. Saylor, 28, is accused of taking the wire from his employer, Greater Wisconsin Electric, while working on the site.

According to court records, the job foreman told Mount Pleasant police that another employee had seen Saylor hiding a bulky item under his jacket, then carrying it out to his truck. The foreman said about three spools of wire had gone missing in the last week.

Officers asked Saylor if they could look in his truck to make sure there was no wire, but he reportedly told them they could look in the back to see his tools, and said that he only went to his truck to access his tools.

He eventually agreed to let officers look in the truck, and an officer reported finding a tarp covering a large spool of wire. Saylor told officers that was something he had to do “side jobs.” The job foreman said the spool was taken from the job site, identifying it with stickers placed on the spool.

Editor’s note: This version of the story corrects a previous version, which should have stated that Saylor is accused of taking wire from his employer, Greater Wisconsin Electric. We apologize for the error.