A 31-year-old Mount Pleasant man was charged Wednesday with multiple felonies – including attempted battery to a police officer – after police said he tried to escape arrest on multiple warrants.

Dejuane L. Bostick was arrested Tuesday, after an officer on patrol saw him walking in the 1900 block of West Boulevard in Racine, and, knowing he had warrants out for his arrest, tried taking him into custody. According to court records, Bostick wasn’t interested in going with the officer, and first tried concealing his face with a hat. The officer reported Bostick got into a car and sped away, reaching speeds of 40 to 45 mph on city streets.

The officer reported that Bostick turned into an alley and parked, and then ran. The officer followed, according to the criminal complaint, until in a backyard of a home in the 1600 block of Kearney Avenue, he turned toward the officer, grabbed him with both arms and trying to knock the officer to the ground.

“I knew I could be severely assaulted and injured if Bostick was able to tackle me to the ground,” the officer wrote in the report. “I also tried gaining separation from Bostick. I completely feared for my life and safety.”

Bostick eventually went to the ground, and the officer went to detain him, but Bostick tried to push back up to his feet. During the struggle, the officer reported that his bulletproof vest began to come off his shoulders.

During a search, subsequent to Bostick’s arrest, officers found a plastic bag of suspected marijuana, $910 in cash, and, near his hat which was on the ground, a plastic bag of suspected crack cocaine.

Police suspect several messages on Bostick’s cell phone were about a drug delivery.

In the newest case, he is charged with obstructing an officer, attempted battery to public officers, possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine with intent to deliver. He has two other open cases, from which the arrest warrants stemmed, one from February allegations for trying to flee from police and possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, and from January, for driving with a revoked license.