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Sturtevant police are reminding residents that only sworn officers are allowed to discharge firearms within village limits after the department received several complaints of shots fired.

SPD Chief Sean Marschke confirmed the calls predominantly involved residents shooting rodents in back yards, but village ordinance is very clear about who can and cannot fire guns in Sturtevant

“We have had calls of people shooting raccoons and opossums on their property, but that is prohibited by village ordinance,” he said.

Police utilized the department’s Facebook page to post ordinance 9.07(2)(c):

No person, except a bona fide Peace Officer, shall discharge any Dangerous Weapon or Firearm within the Village regardless of whether that person is on privately owned or public property.

A firearm in Sturtevant is defined as a, “gun, pistol, rifle, air gun, bow and arrow, crossbow and/or shaft, or other device used to propel a missile in the form of a ball, bullet, slug, shot or BB pellet, whether the propelling force is gun powder, explosives, compressed air, mechanical action, or any other force.”