Should Wisconsin join states across the country that are launching efforts to do away with Daylight Saving Time?

A report from Scripps on lists Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island have all filed bills to remove the annual fall back. Among the reasons are health concerns – including increased rates of depression – and the potential for more local economic activity because of an extra hour of daylight.

Wisconsin lawmakers just this year scrapped a move to eliminate the annual time change, so bill sponsors Reps. Michael Schraa Samantha Kerkman instead want the state to move permanently to DST, eliminating the need to turn our clock back every fall, a story from U.S. News reads. Making DST our standard time does require a federal waiver.

Both Schraa and Kerkman say in the report they suggest the change, in part, to gauge how residents feel about it.

Do you think we should do away with Daylight Saving Time and instead make our spring ahead the permanent way we tell time?

Should we do away with Daylight Saving Time?

Yes, please! The time change is so hard!
Nah, we’re good.
I don’t care.