For the 19th consecutive year, the Downtown Racine Corporation has unveiled a public art project in Downtown Racine. This year’s project featured a set of three flowerpots. 20 artists were selected to adorn the pots with their creativity. 20 sets of pots are scattered through Downtown.

Similar to last year’s public art project that featured benches, there will be a self-guided scavenger hunt that people can participate in at their leisure all summer long. Each set of pots has a question that related to them. Any person wanting to participate will be awarded a $5 Downtown Gift card (valid at over 100 locations) for answering at least 15 questions correctly. If all 20 questions are answered correctly, in addition to the gift certificate, participants will also be entered to win a Downtown Racine Prize Pack worth over $100.

“Each year I am so impressed with the artist’s creations and this year is no exception. The flowerpots beautify our downtown and give families yet another reason to come and view the art and explore our phenomenal shops and restaurants.” -Kelly Kruse, DRC Executive Director

Scavenger hunt forms can be picked up at The Downtown Racine Corporation (425 Main St.) or downloaded at or

Artists selected for this year are:

   ARTIST                                       DESIGN                                                       LOCATION

Barthuly, Nancy                                   Nautical Racine                                      Sam Johnson Parkway

PIOC                                                  RYOCY                                             Racine County Court House     730 Wisconsin

PIOC                                                   RYOCY                                                Racine County Sheriff’s Office    718 Wisconsin

Broadway, Deborah                        Newsworthy                                           Downtown Racine Corporation   425 Main St

Ducommun, Peg                              DR. “GOOBER’STIEN                       Joey’s Yardarm   920 Eris Street

Houlehen, Joan                                Summer Blk & White Trio                    Sam Johnson Parkway

Huck, Brittany                                  Bea Creative                                          Dewey’s 600 Main St

Lois, Brenda                                      Ladybugs picnic                                     Robert W. Baird    1 Main Street

Matson, Anna                                   Flowers that shines from space     CliftonLarsenAllen LLP  222 Main Street                      

Miller, Nicole Zoe                             untitled                                                GLR Law Firm         246 Main St

Mioduszewski, Inja                          Nap Time                                                Crosswalk Park   300 block Main Street

Moe, Samantha                                Summertime in Racine                        Design Partners     338 Main Street

Muckler, Paul                                    Now and Then                                      Racine Brewing   303 Main Street

Radtke, Jil                                           FLOWER POWER                                  Lakeview Pharmacy     516 Monument Square

Vallejos, Pam & Amy Georgi         “Rooting” for the best!                       Dimple’s Fine Imports       416 Main Street

Vetrovec, Erica                                   POTholes                                               Indian Motorcycle of Racine      522 – 6th Street

Williamson, Joyce Lynn                    Fairy Photosynthesis                           Hot Shop Glass    239 Wisconsin Ave.

Wisconsin Center, Southern           Beeee Yourself                                      Uncorkt!    240 Main Street

Witte, Kelly                                         Beautiful Birds                                      RAM   441 Main Street Zimmer, Nicole                                 “Flowering Waves”                         Reefpoint Marina  2 Christopher Col. Cswy.   


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