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Resistance (Self-released)

One of the biggest compliments I feel that I can give a band is that I can’t immediately nail down their influences. Such is the case with Racine’s own Resistance, a hard rock outfit that more than does the Belle City proud.

Lead vocalist Mimi Johnson is an absolute powerhouse, shining on “Hardest Part,” where she steers the mid-tempo rocker from almost-ballad territory to ferocious fist-pumper. Bassist Josh Lisiecki and drummer Scott Bednar drive “Suffocate” like a pair of overnight truckers, literally making the song motor like an eighteen wheeler blowing through a checkpoint.

This band is as pro as any band Wisconsin has ever produced, and the production of Nick Rad is first-rate. They’re unbelievably tight and possess an armload of songs that seriously deliver the goods. My only gripe is that “Resistance” is only an e.p., I want to hear much, much more.

Resistance celebrates this release with a big show this Saturday, April 6 at Route 20, 140001 Washington Avenue, Sturtevant, Wisconsin, 53177. Sharing the stage are co-headliners DayRollers, and special guests Mixed Company and Electric Revolution.

Band photo by David Konieczko.