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The Racine Area Retired Educators Association (RAREA) has announced the availability of six scholarships offered to Racine Unified School District seniors and UW-Parkside teacher education students (IPED Program) who will pursue teaching as their career goal. Three $1,500 RAREA scholarships and one $2,000 Anna & Walter Stenavich Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to deserving high school students. Two scholarships are earmarked for UW- Parkside students: The Martenas Family Scholarship for $5,000 and one RAREA $3,000 scholarship.

Applications are available online through the high schools’ websites and the UW-Parkside IPED website. Applications from UW-Parkside students are due on or before March 14 and sent to the address listed below:

Questions about these scholarships may be directed to:
Tom Fugate
RAREA Scholarship Committee
6028 Quaker Hill Road
Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin 53406

UW-Parkside IPED Website: