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Financial District Properties, a developer from Iowa, announced that they had secured real estate options on a tract of land roughly bordered by Water Street and the Root River. The multi-parcel site  – around 20 acres total being called Machinery Row – includes the Azarian Marina and at least two existing industrial buildings constructed by the J.I. Case company in the early 20th Century.

But we wanted to find out what you thought about the project. Here’s what you had to say on Facebook:

Gary Stewart Would’ve been really cool to see the “children imaginarium” project finished down there in monument square.
Steve Kratochvil The proposed location is fine, but a good Plan B would be where the old Walker plant was on the south end of Michigan Blvd. This would essentially “extend” downtown and could showcase North Beach. Inclusion of a restaurant and/or coffee shop-type place wouldn’t hurt.
Dave Lui Zahns building … I may go my entire lifetime never having seen anything in that building. So sad.
Heather Rayne I like the idea and the area chosen. So many awesome cities have riverfront areas like this that are very successful and a boost to the community. When I travel, I am drawn to areas like this. I am hopeful. I also like Steven’s Idea. I have always wanted to see something happen in that area…like a boardwalk/”seaside” type location. Maybe even a waterpark.
Andrea Lundgren I thought for sure when Walmart was so hell bent on coming to Racine….they have the money..why not build on the old J I Case foundry site on Durand and Sheridan…that would nice place on the lake…. Far enough from the hood! Only problem I see any business building there would be any contamination from the foundry and being on lake property! (Price)
Joan Simon Grocery store
Maria Chavez A water park, and sea side type restaurants, and better name for it, sounds like nothing but row houses neighborhood or gives the impression that there’s factories and employee housing.

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