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After reporting on several car crashes this week, we thought… what are some of the trickier intersections in eastern Racine County. So we thought we’d post them just to make you aware. What do you think are the most dangerous? Tell us in the comments section below this story.

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  1. Melissa Young Schroeder 6th and main needs a turn arrow
  2. Scott J Sebastian I often travel west and east bound on 5 mile. Going through 38 and Nicholson can be dangerous if you’re not familiar. I believe it is in large part due to the blind spot the passenger “A-pillar” creates when looking for cross traffic. You won’t see cross traffic if you only look once.
  3. Scott Frey 5 Mile west bound at the intersection with Middle Rd, just east of 32 Douglas.
  4. Wally Leininger West Blvd and Washington ave…light always seems to change to red on west Blvd as you approach and no traffic on Washington (mornings) it’s like they want you to run the red so they can mail ya a ticket.
  5. Elizabeth Villalobos Turnign from westbound Goold Street onto southbound Mt. Pleasant St. and then onto westbound Rapids Drive. Headache!
  6. Ami May Ballard Ohio street and Spring..can’t ever turn left there!!! And Southwood and Durand…can’t cross or turn there after 2pm
  7. Amy Nelson-Petrakis Rapids and North Green Bay
  8. Kerry Kerry Bo Berry Byrd and green bay road
  9. Nancy Haigh Hwy 20 and Hwy C in Yorkville
  10. Peggy Sheldon Ohio Street and Durand. I turn left from Ohio to Durand a lot and people don’t realize two lanes are for turning left and come over into the next lane without looking.
  11. Heidi Jensen-Sheckles 16th andHwy 31
  12. Mike Fischer In Caledonia, where 6 mile swings north to become 38. When roads are icy, it gives me a heart attack every day – narrow lanes and high speeds
  13. Angie Martin High and Douglas needs turn arrows.
  14. Kristy Alise Hwy 20 and the interstate, westbound.
  15. Camille Stafford Young 16th and Lathrop. ALWAYS busy but only 1 lane and no turn arrows. So many accidents…. Definitely needs an upgrade.
  16. Lorri Tucker As silly as this sounds, turning from the street that crosses 31 by Applebee’s and Guaranty Bank south onto 31. No one coming out of Regency seems to know which lane is for which and they randomly turn in the no turn lane or go straight in the turn only.
  17. Scott Tangerstrom Oakes and Washington! Just about everyone turns left off of Oakes to west bound Washington. Need bigger left turn lane and left turn arrow!!!
  18. Trisha Demers Commodore State and memorial.
  19. Alex Hollis rapids and charles, there is accidents all the time even tho the intersection is clear
  20. Susan Pierson Definitely Oaks Rd & Washington by Case. Total nightmare if school is getting out!!!




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Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for Patch.com, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.