May is Foster Parent Appreciation Month and the Racine County Department of Human Services is asking for your help, support, and participation during this month! They are looking for folks to give shout outs to foster parents on their social media profiles and then message their page so that they can post them as well.  The hope is that every day they will be able to provide a shout out from the community showing their foster providers that they are appreciated for helping the children of Racine. 

Here is how you can participate:

  1. Record a video to post on your Facebook page.  This could be done pre-recorded or live from your page. It could be your own personal page or your school, PTA, business, organization, art, music, or church page.
  2. Identify who you are:
    1. Hi, I’m (insert name and title) and May is foster parent appreciation month and I want to say thank you to the foster providers of Racine County
    2. See sample video below for an idea
    3. Please keep your video under a minute long
    4. Have fun and be creative!
  3. When you post on your profile please make sure to tag their page: @RacineCountyFosterCare
  4. Please then message their page with the shared link of your video so they can post and tag you as well!

As COVID-19 has made life difficult for everyone in our community, coming together virtually spreads goodwill as well as uplifts those who provide this needed community service.

You can find their page on Facebook by clicking the link here.

Here is a sample video recorded by Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention Specialist, Jessica Scheeler: